The KEVS Group of Companies
KEVS is a family run business that has been servicing the CQ region since 1995.  Made up of KEVS Fasteners & Construction Supplies & KEVS Onsite Solutions

KEV'S is a Rockhampton business, specialising in providing retail & trade construction products for building, commercial and housing applications. Nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, insulation and much more are sold at our location at highly competive rates. 

Our experienced supply professionals bring more than 50 years of collective experience on the job, and they will ensure you benefit from their expertise. Whatever your construction project, we are confident you will find what you are searching for at KEV'S. 

To provide our customers with the maximum stability, durability and quality for their money, the personnel at KEV'S sell products from internationally acclaimed brands. These include Fletcher, CSR Bradford, ICCONS, Bremick, Stanley, Dewalt, Metabo, and Galintel. The products sold at our location are ideally suited to a range of construction, manufacturing and mining applications. 

The KEV'S team have the facilities and know-how to perform insulation work and warranty work for Paslode tools. Air and gas powered nailing guns can also be serviced and repaired by our personnel. 

Roof and under-slab products are offered at KEV'S one stop construction shop. 

Our Team
Shannon Lamb, Director

info@kevsfc.com.au | Phone: 4922 8182

Murray Matook, Technician/Sales
workshop@kevsfc.com.au | Phone: 4922 8182

Shannon has more than 20 years experience in the industry and is a second generation construction sales expert. Service is key to ensuring correct application is received from his products

Murray has over 30 years experience and 9 years construction workshop sales experience. Murray loves to be in the workshop and is a great technician. He prides himself on delivering great customer service and being able to fix any issues thrown his way.

onsite crop_edited.jpg
Thomas Hennessay, Sales
onsite@kevsfc.com.au | Phone: 4922 8182

Tom experince comes from the identifying the correct options requyired for your supply.  Originally from Victoria, Tom has worked on major projects such as The Block where he was in control of the contestamts gyprock and insulation requirements.

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Brian Elder, Installer

With 8 years expereince in insulation installtion and a further experience in handyman applications, Brian is your one stop for expereince and service.  WHS is papamount in Brian mind, not only for him but for you and your home.

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Jared Schwenke, Installer
onsite crop_edited.jpg
Chayse Smithwick, Installer

Jared has the work ethic all young Australians should aspire to. He knows what it takes to ensure a quality job and how to address difficult situtaions.  Attention to detail and the highest of quality/saftey lends Jared great expereince in the industry.

Chayse is a second generation roofer by trade and knows his why inside and out of the industry.  Hard working, Chayse delivers in great time especially within our WHS requirements

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