Enviroseal ProctorWrap Wall Wrap

What are Wall Wraps?

Enviroseal™ Wall Wraps are additional layers of protection that shield your home from water-related weather damage, mould or rot, and minimise hot & cold draughts blowing through the home. Wall wraps can also provide an extra level of comfort to your home by keeping it warmer in winter or cooler in summer, and prevent wall stains and decay from moisture build up.

Benefits of Enviroseal Wall Wrap

For the Home Owner

Warmer In Winter, Cooler In Summer

Wrapping your home reduces airflow around insulation making it work more effectively. Wrap your home today and stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Protect Against Weather-Related Damage

Bradford Wall Wraps act as A Second Protective Skin™ around your home, that defend your internal wall from weather-related water damage. During heavy rain, strong winds or hail, water can enter the wall cavity leading to serious unseen damage.

Minimise Risk Of Condensation-Related Mould Growth

Bradford Enviroseal™ vapour permeable wall wraps allow moisture to escape the inside of the home. This reduces the risk of condensation build-up and mould growth in the timber frame. If too much moisture builds in the home it can even visibly stain plasterboard.

For the Builder

Reduce Delays Caused By Bad Weather

Wrapping provides a tough weather barrier allowing tradies to access the site before brickwork or cladding has been applied. This can greatly reduce delays and therefore speed up construction considerably. It also protects the timber frame from rain preventing structural decay and damage.

Reduces Risk Of Condensation-Related Rectification Work

Bradford Enviroseal™ vapour permeable wraps can minimise the risk of condensation inside the wall that can lead to damaging mould growth. It allows water vapour to safely pass through, and condense on the outside of the wall.

Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap RW is a light* duty vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use in residential timber and steel frame wall construction. Enviroseal™ RW is a durable and lightweight textile membrane with a ‘soft’ construction designed to allow moisture to escape the inside of the home.

A tough weather barrierMinimise the risk of condensation related mould growthSuitable behind both brick veneer and all lightweight cladSuitable for BAL fire regions


Bradford Enviroseal RW is ideal for use in residential brick veneer and lightweight clad construction.

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